Battle of Bennington Driving Tour

From the Bennington Monument drive south on Monument Avenue about 0.3 miles to the Catamount Tavern Site.

From the Catamount Tavern, continue south on Monument Avenue, crossing Route 9 to the Old Green.

Go west on Route 9 about 1.5 miles to Colgate Park and the Hubbell House.

Continue west on Route 9 for another 0.9 miles to the intersection of Route 9 and Dermody Road to see the Dimmick’s Tavern marker. Turn right, off Route 9 onto Dermody Road, park and walk across the road to see the marker up close. There is a lot of traffic on Route 9 so look both ways before crossing!

Go north on Dermody Road (about 0.9 miles, for a cumulative total of 3.4). Turn left onto Walloomsac Road and continue for 0.5 miles (3.9) to Whipstock Road and turn right. Continue 0.8 miles (4.7) and the road will turn sharply to the right at which point it becomes Vail Road. Continue 0.4 miles (5.1) to the corner of Airport Road where a sign on the southwest corner marks the location of Harmon’s Tavern.

Continue east on Vail Road for 0.3 miles (5.4) and then turn left onto Austin Hill Road. Continue 0.8 miles (6.2) to the end and turn left onto Murphy Road. Go down Murphy Road for 0.3 miles (6.5). The Breakenridge Farm marker is on the north side of the road.

Continue down Murphy Road for another 0.2 miles (6.7). The Seth Warner Homestead marker is on your left.

Continue on Murphy Road north for about 100 yards. The Henry House is on the corner.

Continue on Murphy Road, crossing the Henry Covered Bridge.

Turn left onto Harrington Road. Proceed for 1.2 miles (8.1) to a marker on the right. This is where General Stark camped his troops before the battle.

Continue north on Harrington Road for 0.8 miles (8.9) Route 67 (there is no street sign at this intersection). Turn left and go 0.2 miles (9.1) to a marker on the right. This is the site of Colonel Baum’s demise.

From Colonel Baum’s marker reverse your course to the Henry Bridge. Don’t go over the Bridge, but instead continue on in the direction you are traveling 0.5 miles (9.6) to the junction of route 67 at the old church. Turn right onto Route 67 and continue 1.6 miles (11.2) to the blinker light, turning left on Matteson Road. Continue 0.2 miles (11.4), turning right onto Rice Lane. Continue 0.7 miles to Route 7A. (12.1). you are on Harwood Hill where the Green Mountain Boys camped on August 15th prior to the Battle of Bennington. Turn right onto route 7A and proceed past the restaurant and turn into the parking lot at the Bennington Project Independence (BPI) for a view of the valley.