Born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1881, Frederick Dunhan Burton moved with his parents to Vermont as a child. He attended Bennington schools. He lived in Bennington as a young adult. He married Mary Starbuck and they lived at 312 Elm Street in Bennington. A daughter was born to them in 1911 and they moved to Pittsfield, Massachusettes in 1912. He served as the head of the General Electric photo department from 1913 to 1946.

The photo at the left is believed to be that of Fred D. Burt. The picture is from a montage showing the Y.M.C.A. Glee Club in Bennington. He was known to be a singer in a Glee Club when he lived in Pittsfield. There were, however, two Fred D. Burts living in Bennington at the same time, so the photo cannot yet be substaniated fully.

Fred Burt was a prodigious photographer and while living here in Bennington he captured hundreds of images of Bennington and the surrounding area, covering a wide variety of subjects. His work provides us with a unique and exciting snapshot of life here in Bennington in the early Twentieth Century.

Many of the subjects in the photos have been identified but many have not. If you have any information or knowledge concerning any of these photos please let us know at the Bennington Historical Society so that we may share your knowledge with others. You can write to us care of the Bennington Museum 75 Main Street, Bennington, Vermont 05201 or email us at bhs@benningtonmuseum.org.