August, 2012: “The Village of North Bennington, circa 1856” — Jane Radocchia

This talk focused on North Bennington before the Park-McCullough House was built. The 1856 map of the village is a guide for the homes, stores and mills that are discussed.

September 2012: “How Red Turned Blue In The Green Mountain State” — Tony Marro

Hoff was the first democratic governor to be elected in Vermont in 109 years. He was elected in 1962. He modernized the state politically and was a catalyst for turning a staunch Republican stronghold into one of the bluest states in the union.

October 2012: “The Sinking of the Titanic and its Bennington Passenger” — Alden Graves

Charles Cresson Jones, the livestock superintendent at Fillmore Farm in Bennington, went to England to purchase Dorset Longhorn sheep. The owner of the farm provided a first class ticket on the Titanic for Mr. Jones’ return trip.

December 2012: “Ethan Allen, Hero or Heel?” — Don Miller

Explores Ethan’s early life, his capture of Fort Ticonderoga and his capture by the British in Canada. Allen spent the Battle of Bennington in a prison in Britain.