Bennington Battlefield Artifacts — David Pitlyk

Bennington Cemeteries — Bill Morgan and Anne Bugbee

House History — Robert Tegart

Bygone Bennington — Joe Hall

The History of the Bennington Fire Department — Fire Chief Jeff Vickers

September:  Bennington Street by Street ( Burgess Road) — Beverly Petrelis

Burgess Road one of a series of documentaries on “Bennington Street by Street” done by the
Bennington Historical Society. Beverly Petrelis a resident of Burgess Road gives the early history
of the street while others talk about their experiences living on the street.

October:  Practical Geometry Used in Historical Buildings — Jane Radocchia

Jane Radocchia, an architectural historian, presentation on how builders used practical
geometry to design and build buildings until the late 19th century. She pointed out how the system
was used in some of Bennington Vermont’s best know historical buildings.

November:  The Colgate Family’s Bennington Summer Home — Bill Morgan

The Colgate family, famous for tooth paste, had a long history with Bennington, Vermont.
The large family built “Ben Venue” a fabulous summer home at the base of Mount Anthony.
Bill Morgan, past president of the Bennington Historical Society, gave a presentation on the
family at the group’s November 2018 meeting.